Goodbye Sergeants
Over Too Soon

With a name inspired by prostitution and a line-up consisting of a bald-transsexual, a freeloader with a urination problem, and self-harming talentless red panda the Goodbye Sergeants certainly have a history rich in degradation (allegedly).

Searching through their biography for any paragraph that might actually contain real information, it’s fair to say that only one line sounds vaguely plausible and it’s the one about them playing stripped down rock and roll with fiery passion.

‘Over Too Soon’ is the evidence that backs this claim up ( and to be honest, I’d rather not come into contact with the kind of things that would evidence the other claims) and it’s rather convincing.

Imagine Motorhead was a coach and horses with Lemmy holding the reigns, the Goodbye Sergeants would be a rather talented, sensible groom that knew exactly how to reign in the thundering guitars in order to allow the hooks to shine through. The chorus, in fact, reaches rather catchy highs as the singer questions ‘Why d’ya have to be so gorgeous’. It’s genetic actually, because both my parents are gorgeous.

It’s fair to say that this band have surpassed the expectations laid down by their strange biography and with their pacey rock and roll sound, I’d be happy to chance a live show – as long as they promise not to urinate in my beer.

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