Seven Year Bitch

Picturebox have perfected a sound that takes you out of dreary England to a romantic French scene with their charming, melodic music. An array of instruments including violins and a bassoon give the three songs on this demo a great degree of sophistication however, it does lack vital energy in some areas.

The opener, ‘Second Last Row’, sounds as though it could only be done justice when played within the confines of a dark and smoky bar, rather than my living room. It’s the kind of music you chat to while watching the world go by rather than to give your full attention to. I like my music to lift my mood, grab my attention and get me smiling with its energy, but unfortunately, while it does pick up towards the end, becoming musically stronger and much more vigorous, it is music to let your mind wander and relax to. In fact at times I forgot I was even listening to it, such was the comforting, chilled quality of the tune.

‘Seven Year Bitch’ however, gives the record that energetic display it really needed being an upbeat track, with a distinctly European feel and vocals with more oomph. While ‘Moonlight For Waltz’ closes the disc and takes Picturebox back to its slow, romantic style of the first track with some handy accordion work and an elegant 12 string acoustic, all suitably mellowed by the violin.

With Valentines Day approaching way too fast, it’s the perfect time of year for Picturebox’s romantic music.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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