Splints and Oxygen EP

The third EP from Nothing balances some slow melodic tracks with some hard hitting drums and guitar. Think a blend of grunge and melodic rock and your on your way to Nothing’s style.

So, as you would expect ‘Splints and Oxygen’ has some mean riffs and dynamic melodies but it is also distinctive and clean in nature.

The laid back vocals provide a Cobain like angsty droll to all the tracks on offer here, but is especially apparent during the first two (‘Lobanster’ and ‘Granok’) where this ’emotional pain’ style comes to the fore.

‘Reducing Gun’ then picks up the tempo and more effort is injected into the vocal delivery. It’s a great tune. It’s just a shame that at times it felt like the same one throughout the whole EP.

Written by Brayer on

Talena Rose Brayer

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