The Mekano Set

The Mekano Set

Ambience, and lots of it. Enough ambience to take a very moody, deep-filled bath in, and maybe, not make it out alive. Three songs from this trio and it’s the first one which stands out a mile. ‘Reel to Real’ is a swampy electro beast that lasts for four minutes and feels like twenty. This, by the way, is a good thing as the song is compelling.

Singer, Beth, has one of those voices; Banshee-dark and seductive. She only has a few lines to repeat in this one, but oh, the way she sings them. ‘Reach out darling, we’re all alone’: first pleading, then persuading and ultimately you realise you don’t have any choice. You’re hers! You’re doomed! And frankly, you don’t mind, as long as you can carry on listening to that voice.

All of this is sound-tracked by an undertow of snaking guitars and synths that make me think of swirling mists and sonic cathedrals. Well, maybe not sonic cathedrals. I gather they’re banned under the music journalists’ Geneva Convention. Still, if this is shoegazing, you’ll find me gladly staring at my laces any time this is playing.

‘Away’ is a more upbeat piece of misery, paling by comparison with its predecessor but still strong stuff. The shorter ‘Invisible Girl’ acts as a postscript, Beth shadowed this time by a Kate Bush-recalling bassline and a poppier melody, placing us somewhere in the mid-1980s without being dated, which is always an achievement.

Here we have one great song, two good ones and a band who are already accomplished and in possession of a strong personality. Definitely recommended for those long, dark nights or any time you just want to drown in the atmosphere.

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