Zero Point Field

Zero Point Field
Live (Robin Fridays / Helter Skelter)

The Dublin Castle has been raising comment recently from friends and acquaintances, on account of its ‘something for everyone’ approach to its weekday four-new-bands-nights. This throwing together of disparate genres can go either way, and this was no exception. Whilst variety may be the spice of life, the Russian roulette playing gig-goer sometimes gets ( their ears) hurt.

First up in a hotly debated running order were Robin Fridays – young Britpop throwbacks with some fun tunes. Subscribers to the songs-about everyday-life formula that has done the Arctic Monkeys so many favours, they had some nice tunes with a couple of surprises.

Helter Skelter took the night in a completely different direction, which saw the audience shrink and grow every ten minutes. Counting Crows or Hootie and the Blowfish spring to mind… I’ve never actually brought myself to listen to Hootie and his Blowfish, but I imagine they sound like Helter Skelter. Music for late thirty-somethings to drink wine to and chat about mortgages.

After having been knocked off the headlining spot by Symbo, a disgruntled Zero Point Field lived up to the challenge of proving they should have been last on, by playing by far and away the best set of the evening. With a sharp look and a solid sound, the audience swelled and, more impressively, stayed for the entire set. Atmospheric guitar embellishments added to slick riffs in the vein of a more reserved Queens of the Stone Age. The hard drumming added an edge to an overall commercial rock sound, with enough dark undertones to keep the cynics interested, and ultimately, impressed.

Zero Point Field provided, everyone seemed to agree – me being on of them, a fitting end to the evening, so I’m afraid Symbo, who were last on, so I hear, will have to wait until next time!

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