Michael Hargan
Conversations Between Us LP

Before listening to ‘Conversations Between Us’ it is important to consider who the album is aimed at. If a fifteen year old emo kid was to pick this album while out shopping then he/she would be most disappointed when they got home to play it on their stereo. On the other hand if you’re a middle aged couple looking for some mood setting music then you’re almost there.

Michael Hargan puts a lot of his emotion into his music and it certainly spreads to the listener but it’s fair to say that this album only has one pace and one feel. It begins at a slow pace and continues from start to finish. Depending on what frame of mind you’re in and what you’re using the album for, this can either be really good or really bad.

‘Conversations Between Us’ is certainly musically limited with no drums or bass and if you were to think about this album being played live it could really only fit at an acoustic night for mature people looking for a nice evening out. Some songs seem to drag and towards the end the album becomes a bit repetitive.

But before I listen too closely and review this music while sitting and concentrating directly, maybe I should consider that this album as ideal back ground music. It hasn’t got a manic front man and the music isn’t trying to influence a new generation. It is mellow, chilling and perfect to put on while your family come round for a Sunday afternoon.

As said at the start this album certainly does depend on who and where you are when placing it inside your CD player. The only time you might find a fifteen year old buying it from HMV would be on the eve of mother’s day.

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