Shibuya Crossings - Typically, Everybody Thinks You're Dead

Shibuya Crossings
Typically, Everybody Thinks You’re Dead

How often do you bump into an old flame only to be told that they thought you were dead? Me neither. But then again it could be because of my youth, good health or simply because no one cares.

However, I may not be a good example, as Shibuya Crossings have deemed it a frequent enough occurrence to pen their debut single ‘Typically, Everybody Thinks You’re Dead’ and if you happen to be Elvis Presley or John Lennon, it’s a conceivable enough scenario. Intense wall-of-noise combinations of guitars and strings back up the faintly REM, distinctly power-pop sound of the single.

The B-Sides are good enough tracks too, although not quite reaching the standards set by the main track – ‘Best I’ve Ever Had’ being comparable to Ian Brown’s solo material and ‘She Knows Me’ plodding along pleasantly.

Shibuya Crossings have a well polished sound and good vocals backing up their poppy sound and the album is likely to be a radio-friendly collection with enough variation to make its way back into the record player.

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