The Electric Cinema - Heat Exchange

The Electric Cinema
Heat Exchange

A nice gentle way to start off a Sunday afternoon, this 2-track CD should be the perfect way to help wake me up and commence work on the mountain of CD’s currently residing in the Editors cave.

Describing themselves as ‘distilling the best elements of Flaming Lips, the Sleepy Jackson and Sparklehorse’, this 4-piece certainly are correct on that score. Even with a bit of the Polyphonic Spree bunged in for good measure to, just without the gowns.

‘Heat Exchange’ is easy on the ears, and the organ which comes in just before the chorus gives it a very ethereal atmosphere. It’s like falling asleep in church and making up your own music to be playing in the background. The tiny sound effects scattered through the track only serve to enhance the sound and, of the three bands they liken themselves to, I’d say it is definitely more down on the Flaming Lips side of things. It does create its own atmosphere, which is what they appear to aspire to.

‘It’s Fire We Crave the Most’ again is a very gentle number and, being the acoustic version, is stripped of the electronic touches from the CD’s title track. I always worry when a group describes themselves as a mix of bands and they are basically right. As this is so Sparklehorse, Mark Linkous himself would be more than happy with recording this.

The standout lyric is definitely ‘we’re stronger in the sun, than we’ll ever be in snow’, which is sufficiently abstract to keep you listening and it’s a bit of a shame that there are only two tracks on offer. But I suppose that is a good thing as it leaves you wanting more.

To me, The Electric Cinema are like the uncle that always turns up late to family engagements, but is the funny one that you always look forward to seeing. He ain’t there for long, but keeps you entertained when he is.

Suitably impressed and am looking out for any more of their offerings when they arrive by eagle at the editors gaff.

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