Bob Sinclar Feat. Steve Edwards - World, Hold On

Bob Sinclar Feat. Steve Edwards
World, Hold On

If you haven’t heard this track you must have been hiding in a cave for the past few months, and if you have, don’t make listening to this the first thing you do upon exit, because when the whistles kick in you are likely to want to go straight back there.

Although it bobs along nicely, creating images of sun-drenched Ibizan terraces (adorned with 19-year-olds from Essex, chain-smoking Lambert and Butlers with their tops off and their arms in the air – oops, did I get carried away?), there really is no forgiving Bob for his second whistle exploitation after Love Generation. Did he receive a job lot of them in the post by accident?

The lyrics of this track also ought not to escape without a mention. Who the Dickens are the ‘Children of the Sky’ and what is their question? It irks me that someone could write such random lyrics and expect anyone to go along with them (although it seems they did). Steve Edwards: how could you sing such tosh with such extreme and heartfelt sincerity?

The easy-going nature of this track does marginally save it though and I’d be surprised if you haven’t found yourself nodding, or even dancing along to it at some point this summer. My mum certainly liked it when I played it to her, though I’m not sure that counts for much, as she is 60 and also owns an album by Darius Danesh.

I appreciate the widespread likeability of ‘World Hold On’, it has a good beat to it, but the whistles aptly grate on my eardrums like a stale piece of parmesan.

Guest article from Laura S.

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