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4ft Pimp
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I really didn’t know what to make of the 4ft Pimp, they claim that their ‘big riffs, solos, harmonies, effect-laden tunes and dry lyrical humour prove the 4ft Pimp ethos to be if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.’

Listening to the first track ‘Great Aunt Anaconda’ you do hear big riffs, as well as completely pointless fret-wanking, seemingly as many effects as their set-ups will let them use (when a simpler sound would have actually been much better) and lyrics that a bunch of pre-pubescent kids (or maybe a pub full of REALLY drunk blokes who had managed to slip out for the evening without the better halves) would find amusing.

This theme carries on through ‘No Ball Games’ which is even more overloaded with effects leaving you to hope that the end of the song is soon (it’s not) and ‘Shotgun Paradise’ is more of the same with a Russell Brand inspired interlude that Tenacious D would be unhappy with.

The overall impression was of a band of competent or good musicians who are all trying to show how good they are rather than actually concentrating on the overall sound of the music; it’s like a committee decided the direction of the sound and that each stupid idea was met with ‘OK, you can do that, but then I’m putting this bit in….’ It’s kind of the worst bits of Tenacious D mixed with the most appalling parts of The Darkness.

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