Oppenhiemer - Breakfast in NYC

Breakfast in NYC

This is a strange mix. It’s a weird electronic bass line over a straight sounding drum machine with synth strings; so it’s quite an electronic affair from the off. However, the vocal and the song itself, ‘Breakfast in NYC’, is a shimmering indie-pop song that could have been written by an emotional guitar toting band with floppy hair and leather jackets two sizes too small.

‘Truth or Dare’ does have guitars and sounds like The Monkeys crossed with Echo and the Bunnymen and ‘Getting By’ is a little like Sixpence None the Richer with a sixties male vocal.

It’s a very difficult record to judge, but a very easy one to listen to. There aren’t really any major hooks or big melodies – but there are plenty of pleasant chimes, rhythms and a very laid back happy-vocal.

If you like your it fairly tame but highly polished, Oppenheimer are worth a listen, although the unassuming kings of happy-pop aren’t likely to be a fleshy enough option for the carnivorous rock fan.

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Stuart 'Saur' Smith was a prolific writer for The Mag throughout the magazine's lifetime. He combined a day job of temporary office jobs in London with a nightlife of trawling the capital's music venues looking for talent. As well as writing about music, he was a session musician who featured on a number of singles in the 90s. Today, Stuart is a Chief Writer for Phonotonal.
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