The Great Statesmen

The Great Statesmen
Demo EP

All guitars contain, somewhere within their depths, such a myriad of sounds it’s possible to spend hours playing with knobs, switches, and effects in the search for the perfect tone. I can only imagine the weeks of effort that must have been required to find the woody warmth of the guitars in the opening of the first track.

Then again, it’s perfectly feasible that Steve Young just turned up and plugged his guitar into an amp and that’s what came out. Either way, it’s a great sound and a nice inviting hook to draw you into the tune and this is something The Great Statesmen seem to have nailed on each song on this EP.

Despite being inspired by Muse, The Strokes, and We Are Scientists, ‘Rise’ sounds like a cross between The Upper Room and Captain, but with a slightly edgier rock-sound in the chorus. The guitars build pleasant layers and the vocal strokes the lyrics gently into life in the verse, but add more of that angular spirit with the strap line ‘you’re making it worse’.

It’s a certifiable fact that all the songs on this record are as good as one another. It’s a bit like the geeky maths class that’s just for the really talented kids that don’t need calculators. Well done The really, really Great Statesmen.

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Stuart 'Saur' Smith was a prolific writer for The Mag throughout the magazine's lifetime. He combined a day job of temporary office jobs in London with a nightlife of trawling the capital's music venues looking for talent. As well as writing about music, he was a session musician who featured on a number of singles in the 90s. Today, Stuart is a Chief Writer for Phonotonal.
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