Gary Nock

An everyman strolls onto stage with a guitar and a mega watt smile. The cosy basement venue of the Joogleberry Playhouse hums with chat until silence descends like mist as the opening verse of ‘Never Known Love’ filters across the room. Gary Nock has everyone’s attention.

His voice is powerful, playful and totally engaging. The everyman has morphed into a singer with all eyes on him, a star for a moment and if he keeps producing songs like this there is little doubt he’ll be a star into the future.

‘Troubled Blue Eyes’ is next, another excellent number that once again shows off Nock’s vocal talents. His voice picks up and runs with the emotive lyrics, it strokes your ears with calloused fingers one minute and velvet gloves the next. ‘I won’t regret a moment with those troubled blue eyes’ he confesses softly, and you know he means it. There is a raw honesty to his songs making it hard not to be drawn into his world. Although as several tracks follow, all equally confessional, you do start to hope he has a bit more luck in love in the future so he has something else to write about. To be fair though, individually they are all great tracks, they just throw the pacing off slightly one after the other.

Final track ‘Closing Time’ redeems everything. The audience stops its chatter once more to listen up. There is no doubt that Gary Nock has talent, the rumble of applause at the Joogleberry testament to that. For those that missed out there will be another opportunity to catch him play at the Red Roaster Café on October 9th, go along and give your ears a treat.

Guest article from Hayley C.

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