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I really shouldn’t like Redmile, they have so much in common with so many bands I really dislike and yet it also seems to have some more over-riding properties that result in me not ripping off the headphones in disgust. They sound like Pearl Jam, Audioslave and various other moderate rock bands that I needn’t mention. The relevance of this is only clear when you understand how much this reviewer dislikes Pearl Jam and how bored he has grown of Audioslave’s recent mediocre offerings.

One thing you cannot deny about these two bands is that they have phenomenal vocalists, and Dave Salholm of Redmile is up there with Cornell and Vedder. Quite a statement I know, however I dare you to check out the vocals on ‘Stolen Car’ and disagree with me. I know some of you will out of spite, but those of you who do will only be lying to yourselves. Shame on you!

Far as the tunes go, everything fits, and the recording is of reasonably high quality. You get the feeling that every musician in Redmile is more than competent in their respected discipline and, as with all the best musicians, only does what is necessary in order to enhance the song as a whole. These guys understand their genre and nail it with a huge industrial tent peg. I’m aware this is an awful metaphor, but I’m beyond caring. I’m too busy indulging in the guilty pleasures of ‘La La Rookh’ and it’s soaringly powerful chorus and verse riffs.

For me this CD completely contradicts what I previously thought about the whole moderate stadium rock genre. I seriously hated it and, whilst I’ll never be turned on to the devil incarnate that is Bon Jovi, Redmile has made me realised that it’s not all bad. Some of it is in fact good. Like this.

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