A Life In Bandages - Demo

A Life In Bandages

Here comes the madness. At only two tracks long their demo squeezes every ounce of life out of both. A pumped up intro falls into place amongst Velvet Revolver style twinges and punk tendencies. The vocals are so gritty you can practically see the lyrics being spat from Sam Barton’s mouth. At times he can go so greatly out of tune that they enter the realms of raw and ragged music, straight from the gutter.

The title track ‘A Life in Bandages’ sees the vocals spar brilliantly with the guitar work, snarling and phlegm flecked. An eerie, then jazzy opening to ‘Final Act of Treachery / Skeleton Mare’ is quickly kicked to the kerb by those rough vocals – nothing but hateful.

ALIB can be catchy at times but by then it’s too late, you’ve already got your rock head on and you want nothing but to kick the crap out of something. Only problem is, clocking in at over five and a half minutes, enthusiasm isn’t enough to keep your attention. I’m all for lengthy classics but I think they were maybe being just a little to ambitious with this one.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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