Brazilian Girls - Talk To La Bomb

Brazilian Girls
Talk To La Bomb

It’s nice when a band does the whole electronica thing with a view to producing a decent song or two. It’s all very well getting all experimental and forging a path into new territory but, in all honesty, it’s not guaranteed to be worth listening to now is it!

Brazilian Girls though, have done the right thing with this release in terms of making its way interesting with samples and sounds, whilst retaining the essence of solid listenable songs.

With a backdrop of trashy percussion and backing vocals that could have wooed James T Kirk, ‘Jique’ is a lively opener with a great bassey riff.

The vocal is a truly international affair, not just in the unplaceable subtle accent, but with the mixture of English, German, French, Italian and Spanish lyrics.

A couple of the tracks get close to The Black Eyed Peas in group-mode (a la ‘Let’s Get It Started’), while on the whole, this is a rather danceable record along the lines of Moloko and Groovejet.

If you’re going to hear this band anywhere, it’ll probably be in an advert – the songs have that perfect quirk meets pop listenability that made such a big deal out of all those chewing-gum and jeans ad number ones.

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