Blue and green record exploding into shards

Peter Lyons
4th EP

It’s impressive to be on your 4th record at just 19, but it seems that the latest edition could have done with just a bit more attention beforehand. Peter Lyons has somewhat of a strange sound to him; it’s almost chill-out but far more emotional. There are moments that make you focus and really understand the music but otherwise most tracks can become a bit slow, with the synthesised sound sometimes becoming a tad annoying.

‘Sunglows’ lacks the energy that music should have, sounding almost effortless, but not in a good way. It’s near impossible to work out the lyrics as well, especially in ‘Have I lost you’ – it’s like listening to a church choir.

By the third song, Peter Lyons’ music is just too eccentric. I found the vocals were drawn out and a bit too flowery. There just isn’t a great variation from song to song which makes it difficult to want to listen to every one. And the instrumental is even weirder, sounding like sci-fi program with eerie growls and an immense feeling of loneliness.

Emotional music is all well and good, but ‘My Favourite Time’ just sucks the life out of you with its slow music and less than cheery vocals – ironically, seeing as it’s supposed to be his favourite time. There are moments where you think the record could be saved in its delicacy, but as a whole it’s far from exhilarating and just seems too surreal.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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