Pickled Dick - Exercise Your Demons EP

Pickled Dick
Exercise Your Demons EP

Well, what more could you ask for. With ‘Exercise Your Demons’, Pickled Dick have managed to preserve their hooky pop rock style while adding tons more variety and a load more individuality.

‘Extra-Terrestrial’ is the main exponent of this transformation and opens the album in the strongest possible manner. It’s still got that classy nineties pop-punk bounce and the associated Dirnsty harmonies; but it’s also got a bit more depth and, dare I say, lastability than their very-Greenday sounding Pandamoanium LP. Hey, any song that gets you singing ‘Extra Terrestrial, I’ve seen you round here before’ as a fourth-part backing vocal before the end of the song has to be good right?

It’s all very Guided By Voices for the sparky electronic intro to ‘Wet Blanket’, which combines a rocking verse with a punky chorus and this rock-pop-punk combination rushes it’s way through the next couple of stomping tracks.

The big-chorus of ‘B-Side U’ is the anthemic ending to the EP and it’s time to reflect on a rather splendid record that shows massive growth and maturity that expands on their fun, hooky roots.

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