Mike TV

Mike TV

When, after eight years of being called Pickled Dick, the band ditched their name in favour of Mike TV, a lot of people starting asking questions. Enough people, in fact, for them to decide to issue us with a list of answers to some frequently asked questions.

Why are you changing your name?

Pickled Dick as you probably realise is an incredibly bad name for a band.

It’s also the incredibly bad name we have had for eight years and we felt it was time for a change. A new start, a new album and a new member! It’s really shit that no one can mention our name even on local radio, so we are taking some positive action in the name of progress!

Are you selling out?

We sure are. Domb has written the theme tune for the new McDonald’s advert which shall be on our new album with such hits as, ‘Coca-Cola Cancer Cure’ and ‘Rupert Murdoch – Modern God’.

Why Mike TV? What does that mean?

Mike TV, as the learned will know, is a reference to the character Mike Teavee in the book and film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We still want to maintain the cartoony fun of Pickled Dick but without the cock – We hope you think it’s an improvement! In a strange twist of fate, Domb used to work in a chocolate factory and is also a big fan of television.

Are you still gonna play the old Pickled Dick songs?

Yes of course.

Who is your new guitarist and did he play on the album?

His name is Rich/Rick/Ricky/Rete/Rikki/Ricardo and he did indeed play on the new album. He is also the front man for the fantastic Mr. Kamikaze and is an excellent guitarist.

When did the name change take effect?

When we finished the last tour dates as Pickled Dick. So from April 6th 2008 onwards we are known as Mike TV. Jhon shall still be known as Pickled Jhon, so do not worry!

What’s happening to the Pickled Dick myspace page?

We don’t want to start the page again as that would mean a lot of hard work!

We will be redirecting the URL link from April. We will let you all know! Fingers crossed you shouldn’t have to re-add us or any of that malarkey. There will also be new Facebook groups, street team, and official website soon!

Are you a serious band now?

Yes indeed we are! Our Creed covers album is coming out in 2009 and Jhon is getting a fringe. In all seriousness, we will be exactly the same band as before still improving and growing as a band, but with a better name and new songs!

So to summarise, we really hope you can support us on the name change and tell everyone you know. Please come to the last Pickled Dick dates and buy some merch as we desperately need the money to pay for the new album! If you have any questions, fire away…

Cheers very much!

Domb, Jhon, Riff, ‘n Rick x

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