Mike TV - Stopgap EP

Mike TV
Stopgap EP

Mike TV return with their latest release, Stopgap EP, which follows an awesome eponymous album and their ‘Lie Low, Lilo’ single.

‘Dandelion’ opens the record with an instant pop stormer, complete with moody verse and immense chorus. There are plenty of the trademark Mike TV harmonies mixed in with choppy guitars and there are also hints of something new in the substantial sound of the song.

Demonstrating their ability to pen ridiculously catchy songs, ‘Chinwag’ steps up to the plate with one and a half minutes of brain-infecting brilliance. After this, ‘Paperthin’ is another grand song with an unexpectedly fantastic guitar solo that smoulders like hot coals. It’s another boundless chorus.

Final track ‘Daytime Dilemma (Dangers of Love)’ rounds things off in the strongest possible way with yet another fantastic song, complete with ‘Salamander’ style vocal interplay.

Mike TV are a fantastic band both live and on this record and you can get all of these songs for yourself in Radiohead-style pay what you like spirit. I’ve had a good listen and these songs are actually worth spending some money on!

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