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In a world where snobbery is taking over and records can only gain critical acclaim by pretending to contain deep social commentary and, preferably, anti-war messages, it’s refreshing to hear a band singing about what makes them tick. Sometimes it’s great to hear something personal, honest, and moving rather than some veiled political sub-text.

Mike TV sing about people being stuck in front of computers, the fact that they prefer Greenday’s older stuff (and there’s plenty of hints at that reference throughout), and boring people; and what’s more, the songs are bloody brilliant.

‘Single’ sets things up with a great guitar riff and solid rhythms, before adding an impressive melody that sprints towards the immeasurably large chorus and its stunning harmonies. There’s a great wind-it-up break that explodes into a harmonic guitar solo.

It’s a stormer throughout with plenty of variations and a collection of songs such as ‘Hands Up’, ‘American Idols’, ‘When Push Comes To Shove I’ve Fallen In Love’, and ‘Routine’ which show they can still write an ‘Extra Terrestrial’ or ‘Ship Ahoy’! ‘Routine’ actually deserves a special mention as it’s not like anything these guys have done before, hooking into a sparkly eighties vibe and adding a bit of chunkiness to it.

Mike TV are always a lot of fun, but their outgoing nature isn’t a veneer to disguise any lack of material or talent; they’ve got it all.

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