Thousand Natural Shocks - Under The Sun

Thousand Natural Shocks
Under The Sun

As soon as I put this CD in the player I could tell what this band’s immediate problem was going to be – the Fratellis have come along from nowhere and nicked their style from underneath them. When recording this single, their pop-indie dance-like-an-idiot-but-don’t-care formula would have seemed fresh and exciting. Now, unfortunately for them, it will just sound like they’re jumping on a bandwagon.

This is a shame, as these guys are actually a good band. The first song here is the best, as it’s energetic and memorable. The second, ‘Attack’, sounds a little empty, for want of a better word, but they are full of potential. I say ‘potential’ as I get the feeling the finished product isn’t quite as polished as it might be. These guys are still young and this single is only their debut, so in the next year or so they will hopefully grow into the band they really want to be.

The ability to write a catchy hook means that breaking the market will be made that much easier for them and maybe their ‘problem’ could be a blessing in disguise – ironically it may be the Fratellis that have opened a door for them. Let’s hope so.

Guest article from Heather P.

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