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The Koko’s
In the Lab (Demo One)

Its Sunday, its on the verge of peeing it down (again), so what better than a quick review in between Gears of War…well, we shall see!!

Formed from ‘the flames of broken relationships and drunken nights out’, this three piece name The Rolling Stones, The Ramones and the Kings of Leon as their inspiration…okay, lets see.

‘Last Time’ cracks into life almost before you have a chance to draw your breath. Its lively, jangly and, whilst not wholly unique, has a certain draw to it from the start. I almost wanted to start singing ‘Ever fallen in love with someone’ when it started, then remembered that perhaps I shouldn’t.

They aspire to capturing the energy of their music on the CD and they do manage it quite admirably, you can’t help but get pulled into their music – it’s hooky and the actual recording itself is well produced.

‘Outside’ again manages to impress. Three-pieces, for me at least, tend to fall into two categories; bands where its obvious that they need another member and ones where each individual has their own piece of the pie and makes it their own. The Koko’s fall into the latter. They compliment each other well and sound like they’ve played together for years.

Of their three influences, I would say they fall into The Ramones category a touch more than the others. They inject pace and vigour into their music that some bands seem to omit.

‘Friday Knight’ is my favourite track from the three on offer. The drums carry it through on a permanent high and its hard to dislike anything I have heard from them.

I would liken them to a lemon, cut in half and dipped in sugar – short, sharp and sweet. They don’t mess around, do what they do and leave you thinking ‘so where’s the rest ?’

They certainly show some promise and, going by this offering, their live performances must leave a few dozen in A&E demanding oxygen.

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