Blue and green record exploding into shards

King With No Throne
White Label

With more name changes than The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, there’s still some room for improvement for The Band Formerly Known as Flying Mouse, Topenkin, and Dune who are now known as King With No Throne.

The self-titled opener has a slow pace with an exotic electric guitar riff and a steady drum beat. The proud and powerful vocal could do with some softening so that it blends better with the mellow backing tune.

‘Together’ has a stammered effect because the drums don’t have a flowing beat. This song has no backbone and the rule of ‘anything goes’ has definitely been overused. The dodgy drum effects, electric keyboards, and vocals give this track a big thumbs down.

However, ‘Train’ is a hidden treasure within this CD. This instrumental track has taken inspiration from the East and the striking electric guitar really stands out within this record.

The strange combination of tracks on this single has left me with a bit of a headache. I’m sorry guys but I suspect there will be a few more name changes before the band takes off. Continue to work on it though and with a bit more effort I’m sure you’ll find your style.

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Louise Stephens was a long-term writer for The Mag.

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