Listen With Sarah - The World Of Listen With Sarah EP

Listen With Sarah
The World Of Listen With Sarah EP

Let’s not kid ourselves here, while I’m ready for the protests of: ‘You don’t get our music,’ or ‘you’ve missed the post-modern irony of our sound…’ it has to be said that this record will never be a radio station favourite or, indeed, make any kind of regular visit to your stereo. Neither of these are likely goals of this record, though.

Let’s start with ‘Bored Of Techno / I Can’t Speak Now’, which somehow manages to be even more irritating than Joe Pasquale’s rendition of ‘I Know A Song That Will Get On Your Nerves!’ This track has a dull and drab voice repeating the song’s title until, eventually, your brain disconnects from your ears and attempts to crawl down your spine.

Whoever introduced Sarah to a computer sampling kit needs punishing. The grating composition of screeching, Hawaiian music, ticking clocks, BBC voice overs, and myriad other sounds is criminally poor. It’s like the first time you got your hands on a highlighter pen: Once everything is highlighted, nothing is.

In fact, when it isn’t sounding like a horror version of a kids’ TV show, it’s heading down bad-museum voice-over territory and it isn’t even like it’s been put together in a ground breaking fashion in a strange display of genius – it’s just bad.

The small print credits the Trumpton and Hawaiian samples to Freddie Phillips and The Kontikis respectively. Might I suggest that this is more of an apologies list than a thank you?!

We did also listen to ‘My Little Hula Girl’, which dropped on the doormat around the same time, but we think you’ve got the idea. We kinda get the joke, but it’s not one we’d repeat.

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Louise Stephens was a long-term writer for The Mag.

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