Passenger - Wicked Man's Rest

Wicked Man’s Rest

It’s not often you get hit by a record in just the right circumstances. Usually, you’re feeling glum when the upbeat positivity of a pop record arrives, feeling chilled out when the political hardcore drops on the doormat and on a high when the melancholic acoustic heart-wrench falls through the letterbox and hits the floor with a defeated moan.

In the case of Passenger’s forthcoming single, ‘Wicked Man’s Rest’, you would be safe enough in any of the above moods. Sure enough, there’s a certain chillout ambience to the mix of acoustic and electronic, and the layers that build up as the song progresses contain a combination of serene harmony and melodic beauty that means it can’t help but be uplifting.

It’s not just a nice song, though, because the unusual perspective of the lyrics adds a wonderfully bittersweet edge to the song.

If you happened to be in your car, in the rain, in traffic (in Gosport!), and the final chorus happened to kick in just as the sun broke through the thick grey clouds – it couldn’t get any better.

Iko meets Simon and Garfunkel meets The Streets – and it’s the biggest tingle since Bushbaby’s first live performance of ‘Ghost’.

Watch Passenger – Wicked Man’s Rest.

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