Gold Digger - Bargain Basement Entertainment EP

Gold Digger
Bargain Basement Entertainment EP

It’s not very often that you find a new band that refuse to fit into any category, and if you do, you can generally just combine two current genres to make a new one – pop-punk, for example, or folk-rock. However with some bands, you can’t even do that, as they fail to adhere to any genre, instead choosing to flit between styles for each song, and in most cases losing any kind of real identity in the process. With Gold Digger, we have one of those rare bands that has managed to produce a plethora of styles, yet have maintained a defined personality.

This is not to say that they are 100% original – far from it. The singer’s voice has a lot of Jonathan Davies about it in places, and the guitar sound on the whole album owes a lot to the typical indie guitar sound. Yet ‘Bang Bang Bang’ has a drum-n-bass break down mid-song that should seem out of place, and the album is riddled with samples that would be more typical in a Chemical Brothers song – especially on ‘We’re All One’ – but the band have enveloped these aspects like a fat aunty envelops an upset child, and the resulting ménage-a-several-styles is, well, brilliant.

I can’t say that the lyrics are deep and meaningful, as, to be honest, I am so wrapped up in the music on this album that I have never even noticed what the singer is actually singing. I have noticed, however, that on ‘Fried Alive’ the vocals sound like they’ve been recorded in a tin room – and I mean this in a positive, Joy Division way.

The only negative thing I have to say about this band is that I probably wouldn’t rush to see them live, as the final track ‘Euphoric (live)’ indicates that they drag out the songs a little, and I’m not sure the atmosphere of the CD would successfully translate to the stage well enough to be engaging for a whole gig. Despite this, I would say that this is a great debut album from an up-and-coming band and well worth a listen for anyone with an open mind.

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