Ergo Phizmiz - Nose Points in Different Directions LP. A bright purple background makes an odd yellow person pop. The person has many faces.

Ergo Phizmiz
Nose Points in Different Directions LP

To say Ergo Phizmiz is something different would be an understatement. This mixture of cuts from his last five years of work starts with plenty of cultural music, from Indian styles to the sound of a didgeridoo. Most of the songs are made up of a variety of different sounds and musical clips.

I can’t say I quite get it, or what the album is trying to achieve though. It’s all rather weird and with track names like ‘Gently Bently Beneath the Waby Wabes’, it’s hard to know what to think. It’s got fast beats paired with music that would go amiss on a BBC soundtrack.

‘Fuck the Free World’ is certainly a catchy track and the one most suitable for the radio out of this eerie collection. It’s tough to know where to place it as you pretty much have to take each song individually.

A weird album; moments of genius matched with moments of insanity.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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