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The Title
Slippin’ and Slidin’

The Title are another Sons Ltd band hailing from the seemingly fertile hotbed of indie, Stoke-on-Trent. ‘Slippin’ and Slidin”, their debut single, hit number 15 in the UK indie charts upon its release.

The song is a 60s flavoured groover driven by a funky bassline, a hypnotically fuzzy guitar riff and clever vocal harmonies. It all sounds gloriously lo-fi, but at the same time achingly now, and it’s not difficult to imagine that this track goes down a storm live. To me, this evokes images of bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre (albeit speeded up somewhat) and The Elms. Guy Davies’ vocals have a dreamy quality to them which contrasts nicely with the ferocity of the music.

‘Lullaby’ is anything but, a furious ricocheting drum part propelling a Led-Zep-esque groove along, again with minimalist vocals from Davies. On this song, the bass of Christopher Teece really stands out, with rumbling low-end notes giving the song a menacing feel below all those fuzzed-up guitars. Once again, the guitar riff from Adam Hurst takes up residence in your head and will be shifted by no man.

Closer ‘Live the Dream’ is slightly slower, but bounces along on a good groove from the rhythm section. This song features clever vocal effects, and yet another standout guitar riff, before hitting top form in the last half minute of the song.

These songs are short, sharp, perfectly formed slices of 60s-influenced goodness. No doubt they will be snaffled up by a wide audience.

Guest article from Haydon S.

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