Blue and green record exploding into shards

Various Artists
Baby I’m Yours

DC Baby Records have put together a collection of songs to launch themselves as a label that champions independent London indie.

The Tacticians have the unenviable task of setting the tone for this seventeen-track compilation and, with the weight of the world on their shoulders, they perform admirably with the indie-pop bounce of ‘London’s Alright’.

Kill Electric grasp the baton with ‘Lately’, which is Britpop laced with Robert-Smith and The Killers and, as you might expect, the chorus is a big hooky slab of pop-rock.

Three songs in and the quality is still really, really high. The Distance are more akin to the recent Red Hot Chilli Peppers smoky-summer style, just rooted in London and a bit faster.

With such a strong opening triplet, things can’t be perfect forever and it’s the next track that sees a slight wavering. I really like the music in The Rebacas’ ‘Rebeca Said’, but the vocals really let it all down for me. A bit too monotonal and in no way befitting of the excellent musicianship.

On the whole, there are plenty of good tracks on this record and when things aren’t perfect, they’re still better than the average compilation that’s dropped through The Mag’s letterbox.

Strong contributions from Daddy Long Legs and The Dirty Feel are highlights from the rest of the record, while The Lygers are the low point.

This record is a great way to find out about seventeen new bands without having to commit a huge amount of time to the songs you’re not interested in.

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