Cowman EP

When you hear the words industrial and music in the same sentence you’ll do one of two things; search desperately for some earplugs or dig out that fashionable boiler suit you’ve kept hidden away for so long. Cowman pretty much induces the former.

The EP from this one-man band, utilising a drum machine and bass/guitar, hangs onto its credibility by the skin of its teeth. Or maybe just by the synthesised drum beats.

Obviously not one for vocals, with most of the songs being instrumental, Cowman adds plenty of distorted guitar and screechy effects to perfect his industrial sound.

It’s hard to expect much from titles like ‘(It’s so fun) Kiddie Rape’, but they could definitely pass as a soundtrack to a gritty, yet poor horror movie. No matter how well he uses the technology it’s no substitute for real instruments, and, unfortunately, it can get painfully monotonous.

The first appearance of vocals come in ‘Shitshowershave’. If you can call them that (the vocals that is). The husky repetition of ‘shitshowershave’ is hardly destined for the charts. ‘Meaningless drivel’, ironically the most bearable of the record, sees the disappearance of all vocals again but an impressive guitar riff makes up for it. I’m guessing this is as melodic as Cowman gets.

Ending with plenty of mindless distortion, the wrench-tappable beats are about the only thing holding together this questionable collection of songs.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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