Noise and Biscuits

Noise and Biscuits

With their EP ‘Songs That Finish in E’ sporting an emotional and melodic tint to their noise, we managed 5 minutes with Noise & Biscuits’ Jose to see just how different life is on the other side of this small digital world of ours.

Who are your musical influences?

Well, we have a lot of influences. In fact, I think our band has a special feature; each member has different influences and we make our sound under all of them. Camacho (bass) loves The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and all the 60´s & 70´s stuff, Manu (guitar) drinks from the 80´s (Steve Vai, Iron Maiden, Paul Gilbert) and Alberto and me, well, we really like rock from all the decades, I mean from Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, or Guns´n´Roses, to Radiohead, Queen or Metallica.

If I was to ransack your tour van, what would I find?

Bottles of whiskey, guitars, rock discs, cigarettes and a lot of love.

What are you most looking forward to on the rest of your tour?

A beach, ‘the UK way of life’ and a rehearsal local to playing the venue!

Do you think having an internet fan base is important and which fans are the most devoted?

Yeah, we think that these days an internet fan base is very important because the music industry is changing and we don’t really know what will be the next stop. We just know that the internet will have an important role. So, we invite everyone to enjoy our internet fan base, of course.

What year did the band form together as a group?

We’ve been a complete band since early 2006 (incomplete band from 2004). In that February, the last member (Alberto) came to us to stay, and here we are.

Downloading songs is still illegal, although people do it anyway, if you were to find out that kids could download your album, how would you react to that?

We’d be so happy. When a kid uses his time to download a song, it’s because he wants to hear that song, if he likes it, for an artist, it’s the biggest pride. That’s why we write music, to let people hear it. If the business side of the music wants to make things easy, and we all find a way to do it, it’s ok for us.

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