The Outside Royalty - Falling EP

The Outside Royalty
Falling EP

Kicking off with an absolute gem of a track, ‘Falling (Part 2)’ has all the trappings of one of those songs you’ve heard before, in all the right ways. Musically it’s got some Beatle-eque strings humming out its fantastic melody, coupled with acoustic guitars played in Pete Townshend sort of way.

However, it is Adam Billing’s (nee Evil) vocals and lyrics which really elevate this song to a special place. He’s an American man falling for a Lancashire chemistry teacher and, while it may be all about cups of tea and coffee, it is far from boring. In fact, with such a strong and tight musical backing, it’s a positively storming number, with wave after wave of crashing orchestration.

Of course, this means anything else of the EP isn’t going to come close to the opener and it’s fair to say ‘The Voice Beneath The Rubble’ isn’t quite in the same league. But that’s not to say it’s a bad song. Far from it, ‘The Voice…’ creates the sort of dramatic atmosphere that complements the disaster theme lyrics leaving the strings to add a sort of uplifting sadness (if there is such a mood) to proceedings.

‘Three, Two, of One’ arrives to up the tempo back to ‘Falling’ speeds, only to drop back down for the verse and reveal itself to be the weakest track of the five on offer. But then again I say ‘weak’ purely in comparison to the scarily high standards already set.

‘My Constitution’ is the last of the original tracks here, ending things in a relaxed crescendo of strings, guitars and drums. However, all is not over as one of the best covers of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ I’ve ever heard is tagged on the end to complete this quite excellent EP.

If Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust years take pride of place in your record collection, or you have any notion that glam rock (without the cheese) might hold something for you, The Outside Royalty should be put somewhere near the top of your shopping list. In fact ‘Falling (Part 2)’ should be on everyone’s list!

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