Blue and green record exploding into shards

The Horse
Hung Like A… EP

The Horse are one quirky band, let’s get that out of the way first. Later in this review, I’ll describe exactly why their music is frankly flipping brilliant, but at the outset, I point you, dear reader, to ‘Mr Potato Man’, which appears to be a song in defence of potatoes and their feeling of pain when cooked without the protection of their skin.

And I quote:

Radio Interviewer: ‘Now some people would say it’s just a vegetable, it’s just a potato. What would you say to them?’

Jack Dale: ‘I would kill them.’

So here it is then, the level of things we’re dealing with here.

The first time I listened to this EP I was taken with the beauty of ‘You Could Be Here’, particularly with the interweaving sax parts of Matt Jones. Dale’s vocal is versatile, occasionally giving a nod to Chris Martin’s lower register. That isn’t to say the band itself sounds like Coldplay. Far, do they run, from such a horrid fate! This is actually quite an original-sounding EP, a kind of folk/country hybrid but with enough pizzazz to keep things interesting, all with the added twist of the prominent presence of saxophones. ‘Safety Net’ is a jangly, summery-sounding song, bringing the interplay between the fretless bass of Nathan Thomas and Jon Froggat’s drums to the fore.

The band obviously have songwriting nous, but enjoy a bit of fun too – a winning combination. With regular gigs at Talking Heads in Southampton, they’re a band worth checking out.

But what is ‘Potato Man’ all about? Go and see them and find out. The world needs more EP’s like this one.

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