The Terror Twin - Highway Child

The Terror Twin
Highway Child EP

Think driving fast down an empty American highway with the perfect rock album blaring and you’ve pretty much got the direction of Terror Twin’s release, Highway Child.

Despite the ‘pretty boys’ feeling you get from the front of the record, it rips off with some great Hendrix-style guitar well-matched with edgy vocals. Daringly, the next track, ‘A Night at Cold Light’, is full of balladry-style rock with plenty of classic manners too good to be ignored. And not a bit cheesy.

‘Little Wasp’ is far more distorted and raw than the previous, less catchy but still boasts some epic guitar and drumming that makes it every bit worthwhile.

A pattern seems to be emerging as the record rolls into its second slow number ‘Silent Town’. The delicate guitar work and simplicity of the music really let the vocals shine through. That said, probably not the best or most upbeat way to end an album, but respectable nonetheless.

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Talena Rose Brayer

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