Zenyth - Alone

Alone EP

This is the second EP from Zenyth and it seems they’ve lost none of those good things from their first release. In fact, they’ve gone and built on it!

‘Speak To Me’ opens with riffing and wah guitars, but it’s the growling distorted bass which is the driving force here. Regan’s vocals get a bit of the production treatment which actually adds to an already impressive voice, leaving the drums to hold things together while nearly breaking the snare in the process. The song itself is not so overtly classic rock as its predecessors possessing a Soundgarden/Pearl Jam quality to the chord progressions and vocal mix.

‘Alone’ is certainly more classic in the sense of Regan’s vocals and some of the guitar riffing and melodies (one with a definite Blackmore edge). However, it’s more of a jagged creation, especially due to the verse, and sounds much fresher for it. That said the chorus is another hook-laden beast and the ending will have audiences punching the air several times thinking it was over when it ain’t. It’s also most certainly worthy of the title ‘single’.

‘Second Time Around’ sees a welcome return of the wah pedal and jet-powered strumming. The vocal harmonies on this track are excellent, as is the bobbing bass line which draws you in before the chorus carefully aims a right hook at your chin.

Finishing off with ‘She Drifts Away’, a funky, bouncing number sporting more great vocals and indie rock chorus, Zenyth have produced yet another EP of truly excellent songs. So wave goodbye to that extremely classy cock rock and say hello equally good, highly polished deeper stuff.

Now boys, just keep away from the Prog and the world is yours (well a song on Guitar Hero at the very least).

Listen to Zenyth – ‘Alone’.

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