McQueen - Break The Silence

Break the Silence EP

I’d heard things about McQueen. The four-piece attitude-rock band from Brighton have caused quite a stir since their inception in 2003, with various quarters of the UK press positively failing to contain their excitement at the possibility of a girl-rock band who, not only had the style and swagger, but the downright balls-out rock attitude to take the scene by storm. It was, therefore, with a great sense of anticipation that I placed the CD in my stereo.

‘Neurotic’ and ‘Dirt’, the album’s opening salvo, are straight out of the traps, and I’m impressed. The grungy grooves call to mind the underrated album from Melissa Auf Der Maur, while the screamed chorus hook of the opener is one sure to get fists pumping and dreads flying all over the nation.

‘Running Out of Things to Say’ is the first down point of the album, coming across as a pop-metal-lite track, before normality is restored with the excellent ‘Break the Silence’. The punky feel disconcertingly returns on ‘Numb’, while ‘The Line Went Dead’ is as close as this album has to a song which feels like a radio ‘hit’, containing as it does, a great melodic chorus.

More punk-oriented tracks, the excellent ‘Not For Sale’ excepted, feather out the album. This leaves a sour taste in my mouth. When McQueen take on the more grungy elements of their sound, they soar to heights rarely heard by these ears, but the rest of the album feels like attitude by numbers, which is a shame. This is half of a great album. The rhythm section is tight and inventive, while Dour’s vocals and lyrics are at turns poignant, visceral and downright angry. I’ll wait with interest to see what they do next.

Listen to McQueen – ‘Break The Silence’.

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