My Passion - Hot in the Dolls House

My Passion
Hot in the Dolls House

My Passion have sneaked into Robert Smith’s house and stolen the style of his 1983 to 1987 pop songs and his voice (later on the record, there’s even an elongated cat-like wo-aw!) On top of that, I think they got his hair and they’ve certainly been at his lipstick.

‘Hot in the Dolls House’ is the fantastic revival of what Mr Smith resents being called goth-pop. It’s the fun, bounce and sh-sh-sh-shakes of ‘Lovecats’, ‘Why Can’t I Be You’, and ‘The Walk’ with extra-riffy guitars.

If you’re not into The Cure, there’s a suitably angular break in this track that could have featured on The Black Parade and the vocal takes turns on the sinister front like a strange good meets evil trapeze act.

‘Last Day in Paradise’ refuses to be a b-side, with whispering keyboards and a guitar riff that sounds more like the My Passion of old, flying around the fretboard to find those single notes that will make up the backdrop for a vocal that, on this occasion, has a slight Good Charlotte facet.

This is undoubtedly the best record My Passion have ever recorded.

Watch My Passion – ‘Hot in the Dolls House’.

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