Blue and green record exploding into shards

Eyes On The Wheel

Look at the band name written above. What do you presume this music will be like from that? Well, you’ll probably be right, and if you said spacey, atmospheric indie, you get one gold star.

Big on driving beats and synth noises, and complementing this with intricate repeated guitar lines, this song establishes a firm basis before it allows any vocals to take place – it builds a world and then places someone within it. This ‘someone’ has two different voices, creating a dual personality in the song as well as a haunting quality.

It’s almost as if someone’s speaking to your face but you can also hear their voice behind your head, which is fairly weird as you can imagine. It feels like driving into darkened woods and you’re led into a trance, which will probably involve some swaying from side to side as there is no discernable chorus, just music.

As the final synth noises beep and then stop, you awaken, wondering what the hell happened. And that’s no way to make a lasting impression on the listener, is it?

Guest article from Heather P.

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