The Wow Scenario - Instructions (To The Wizard's Castle)

The Wow Scenario
Instructions (To The Wizard’s Castle)

After reading praising reviews on The Wow Scenario’s contribution to the music industry, I knew that my opinion on this confused attempt at jazz/pop might cause a few complaints.

‘Instructions (To The Wizard’s Castle)’ introduces you to a mixture of fairground-sounding keyboards and jittery flat vocals, which sadly causes a dramatic crash and burn to this track.

If the vocals were removed from ‘Operating On the 49th Vibration’ a tuneful melody would be left, and with a little bit of work and stronger bass, this would create a good backbone for a winning song.

There’s no denying that the vocal is the problem throughout these tracks. The combination of deep monotone vocals and high-pitch sopranos do not complement each other and the confusion between what beat they are singing is clearly heard.

So far I haven’t been moved to the experimental music genre and ‘A Fridge Full of Fudge’ makes no effort to attract my attention either. However, the piano interlude offers a tranquil ending to this shambley single.

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Louise Stephens was a long-term writer for The Mag.

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