Ben Dlugokecki
LP Teaser

Dlugokecki has been hard at work since putting pen to paper on the AND Records deal with the new album already having a name and several songs to offer. ‘How Do You Do’ is the title track, tapping into an up- beat epic pop sound that could even put a smile on Dido’s chops.

In a more contemplative mood, ‘Barricades’ floats on the woody tones of a cello with beautiful verses that sparkle with high notes from the piano. Up next, ‘Bulldozers’ has plenty of go and fluttering percussive samples that add real pace to the echoes of piano and acoustic guitar.

Last on the teaser, ‘Be Your Guide’ has the sound of a highly reflective song, but with a theme of positively in the lyrics that adds a new dimension to what would otherwise be a shoe-gazer.

Ben, and indeed his band, has a real talent for crafting amazing songs and you can’t help but be drawn in by music that’s so emotionally positive.

Everyone makes an effort for the chorus in a song, but there’s not a single note of this record that hasn’t been carefully considered. On this evidence, there’s a grand album in the pipeline.

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