Copy Haho

Copy Haho
Bookshelf / Desert Belle

Copy Haho are a band of young whippersnappers from Aberdeen. This double A-side 7″ single is their debut single and the first release on I Fly Spitfires.

Featuring members of Hookers Green No.1 and project:venhell, Copy Haho provides something of a middle ground between those two bands, with experimental indie verse patterns of ‘Bookshelf’ giving way to a raucously hooky chorus, all topped off by the devilishly Scottish-accented vocal of Joe Hearty.

Both tracks here have a good vibe to them, providing a strong intro for this bright new band. Equal parts fresh and familiar, ‘Desert Belle’ in particular has a jaunty indie vibe, somewhat reminiscent of Iain Archer, meandering through pleasantly, without ever really exploding. While this is by no means a hooky pop song, there’s plenty here that stands out as having the potential for popularity amongst a mass audience.

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