Mia Riddle

Mia Riddle
Songs From Hatchet Lake EP

Described by Mia Riddle and her band as a sophomore effort, ‘Songs From Hatchet Lake’ is far from sophomoric. Instead, it demonstrates restraint and maturity. Above all, though, it’s another beautiful release from a unique artist.

Whether it’s the plaintive ‘Grandchildren’ with its acoustic guitar and banjo interplay that transforms into a slender Loeb-style song, or maybe the Kooks-y ‘Echo’ with its smouldering guitars and musically astute segways, the sound is unmistakable and it owes a lot to that tender art-deco vocal which is made from old 78s.

‘Adventures’ and ‘Suitcase’ are reminders of Mia’s earlier material and they both capture the essence of her delicate solo performance even though there is now a full band contributing to the song.

It’s the canny ability to avoid musical overload that sets this EP apart from everything else I’ve ever been sent.

Mia Riddle and her band will be making an appearance in the UK at the end of July, so find out if she’s playing near you now!

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