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Mia Riddle made a brief appearance on UK soil last month with a UK tour to promote her latest EP, ‘Tigers’. We stole some of Mia’s time, in between van-breakdowns, overnight journeys, and sleeping on the floor in order to get answers to a few questions. Let’s start from the beginning… Where was the beginning? […]

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Mia Riddle has now supplied us with three records and it’s clear that she’s developing into a real-life stunningly fantastic talent. I don’t say this lightly either. The key to the Mia’s phenomenal impact is her quirky and loveable sound. If I was to describe every track to you, we could well be here for […]

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‘Caretaker’ is the briefest of sparkly tunes, with a sound that’s half way between a xylophone and a metallophone or maybe it’s a combination of the two that creates the warmth of the former and the clarity of the latter. It’s a bit like an unplugged version of Radiohead’s ‘No Surprises’ without any guitars. However, […]