The Apers - Reanimate My Heart

The Apers
Reanimate My Heart EP

Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a record that has no pretensions and exists only to flat-out rock. Such is the case with ‘Reanimate My Heart’ from The Apers, from Rotterdam. This is the band’s fourth full-length and sees the veterans of more than 600 gigs in a multitude of countries in confident form. Every song here is full of spunk, giving off a strong traditional punk vibe.

It’s difficult to over-analyse this album. The songs are fast, well-written, fun and full of volume. There are enough hooks here to please virtually any fan of the genre and enough rough edges to realise that this is no sickly pop-punk washout, this is the real deal.

Openers ‘It’s All Over You Know’ and ‘Back Up Against the Wall’ let you know what you are in for with furious riffing and strong choruses. Middle pair ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ and ‘Rather Eat Glass’ stand out, while the title track is a slightly slower, more poppy singalong.

There’s not really anything here which is fresh or new, but sometimes that isn’t what’s required. This is just a flat-out good record, a strong dose of classic punk.

Fans of European punk may have just found a new favourite band.

Guest article from Haydon S.

Listen to The Apers – ‘Reanimate My Heart’.

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