The Young Knives - are dead… and some

The Young Knives
are dead… and some EP

Successfully sounding like the drunken attempt at Saturday night karaoke shouldn’t be the desired effect on any album but halfway through the Young Knives debut album they’ve definitely nailed it. The accused being ‘Working Hands’ with its dubious vocals that barely stay in key.

The spat-out lyrics in many of the tracks don’t always match the cheery music and catchy tunes but it’s not long before the vocal emerges as individual and immediate, bordering on the aggressive. There’s some great guitar work right though along with well-placed distortion. ‘English Rose’ is the heartfelt one, but don’t go expecting a ballad.

‘John’, “a guy to steal your daughters away” (apparently) is all just a bit weird, but pop-punky with some extra grit and dexterous guitar. It’s not long before the fantastic drumming bounces off the guitars in ‘The Night of the Trees’ and, for once, the vocals become the icing on a well-made cake.

‘Rollerskater’ drops a change of tempo into the record and would have made a good place to start for a decent first impression, even if it does resemble eighties pop! It’s got everything you need, cheesy harmonies, great guitar and a bit of a disco beat. A track that doesn’t waver from the consistently good music of this EP.

Of course, much kudos and respect must go out to The Young Knives for their nomination for this year’s Mercury Music Prize. ‘Voices of Animals and Men’ shows what a jump forward these guys have made since the original version of this extended player was released back in 2002, with songs like ‘Here Comes The Rumour Mill’ and ‘Loughborough Suicide’ justly getting the judges’ attention.

Good luck chaps!

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