Vuneny - V2


Indie/electronica is the order of the day here, on the second full-length album from the first band I’ve knowingly heard from Mostar (in Bosnia). Opener ‘Ideal Panic Density’ sets the tone, with a stirring guitar-based riff powering the track. This is followed by ‘So Long Satellites’, the first song to feature vocals, which comes over as somewhat more menacing, and twists and turns through several distinct sections as the track moves along.

‘Anti-Thursday’ is another trippy track, which explodes in a beautifully noisy coda, and it’s now apparent that this record is thoroughly decent. The rest of the album continues this trend, with ‘Tolerate This’ and ‘Dr X’ particularly standing out.

Vuneny peddle a nice line in listenable electronica with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting, but all done within the confines of strong melodic structure. This means that even a relative electronica virgin, such as myself, can find plenty to enjoy within the album. I can imagine that like life, the atmosphere the trio would create could give you something great to get lost in.

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