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From Berlin’s post-hardcore/alt-rock scene, Future Palace released their debut album, Escape, in 2020. Run is their second long-player and there definitely seems to be a theme emerging with these names.

The two vocal aspects are well explored in the first track, ‘Paradise’. Warm melodic lead vocals that descend into a visceral scream just as easily as they deliver the clear top end. The song is atmospheric, a near match for Pvris except the heavy moments are darker and more gnarly.

Other possible comparisons include Poppy for the genre-bending moments, such as ‘Flames’ with its spoken pop verse and soaring Paramore style chorus and hardcore scream of ‘Flaaaaammmmmeees’! There are also some big punchy riffs and huge big-open drum moments on this record that conjure something of Papa Roach and Linkin Park.

Lessing’s vocal has dexterity! She is able to transition between styles with great agility, producing incredible contrast to push the emotional aspects of the songs to the fore. Fans of Pvris, Paramore, and Cassyette are likely to enjoy this album a great deal.

My pick from the album is ‘Heads Up’. Or ‘Defeating Gravity’. Heck. Any of the singles will do as they each offer something a bit different to keep you interested. Let’s go with ‘Paradise’, then…

Watch Future Palace – Paradise

Who are Future Palace?

Future Palace are a post-hardcore alternative rock band. The band formed in 2018 with Maria Lessing on vocals, Manuel Kohlert on guitar, and Johannes Frenzel on drums. Their songs draw on Lessing’s personal experiences with depression, conflict, and toxic relationships. Their musical influences include Bring Me The Horizon, Pvris, The Midnight, and Mike Oldfield, which is an accurate reflection of their sound as a band.

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