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Alex Lahey
Shit Talkin’

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My first experience of Alex Lahey’s music is from the Manchester Orchestra’s London O2 Forum gig when one of her first sentences was “It’s great to be in England because you can say ‘fuck’ on the stage”. “Refreshing,” I thought, “maybe we’re up to some good music here”.

Lahey is releasing their third album, The Answer Is Always Yes, in May 2023, and out of the ten songs, we can already listen to three. Spoilers alert, all three are worth your time!

Here’s the review of “Shit Talkin'”. You can go listen to the other two yourselves:

  • Good Time
  • Congratulations

Initial Impressions of “Shit Talkin'”

After a standard rock encore, the first lines of the lyrics come and you don’t know what’s happening next – maybe another breakup song? Maybe something else.

The music won’t surprise you, it may feel like you’ve heard it before because if you’re reading this, you’re into (indie) rock anyway. It still sounds fresh and new.

If we were to classify Lahey’s music from a more general point of view, we’d say it draws on indie rock, punk, and powerpop (yeah, it’s a thing).

What sets Alex apart from other indie rock musicians is their unique voice and perspective. Good beats, a rock song pace, and just basic instruments. The very best combination you need for a great song. Basic doesn’t mean bad in music. After all, rock music is supposed to be simple.

The catchy indie rock music and introspective lyrics are instantly turning the music into something relatable and one hundred per cent infectious.

What Is Alex Lahey’s “Shit Talkin’” About?

While the song is straightforward, doesn’t take any meaningful detours, and certainly doesn’t require you to have a PhD in philosophy or be extremely well-read (think some of Bob Dylan’s songs), it still requires you to feel.

The word, though, is anxiety, social anxiety. You can feel the exhaustion of social interactions and pleasing people. It has a catchy and melodic chorus and gives a cheery vibe but doesn’t let that mislead you. Plenty of anxiety is there.

Watch Alex Lahey – Shit Talkin’

Alex Lahey – “Shit Talkin'” Lyrics

You know, the thing about seeing people
Is deciding what you want them to see
Will they wish that I could stay forever
Or will they want me to leave

Maybe they’re just racking up
All the ways that I fucked up
I bet you when they’re on their own
They’re shit talkin’ all the way home

Oh, shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
All the way home

You know, the thing about seeing people
Is the guarantee of having regrets
I spent the whole day getting ready
But they don’t seem impressed

Hype myself out the door
My psych said I should get out more
Tried to find the words to bail
Instead I send “I’m here! Downstairs”

Oh, shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
All the way home

Next time maybe I’ll stay home
I do better on my own
Puts me in an awful mood
To test my social aptitude

Oh, shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
Oh shit talkin’ all the way home
All the way home
All the way home
All the way home

Who is Alex Lahey?

Alex Lahey is a rising star in the indie rock music scene. They’re not a one-hit wonder, Lahey is here to stay and hopefully playing a festival or two in the UK this year.

Born in Melbourne, they grew up playing classical saxophone before switching to guitar and deciding to pursue a life and career in music.

Lahey’s debut EP, “B-Grade University,” was self-released back in 2016, but easily got attention, which helped Alex to sign with the label Dead Oceans and release the debut album, I Love You Like a Brother.

As it was well received, it helped to cement Alex as a shooting star.

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