Deceits - Mi Amor, Mi Vampira

Mi Amor, Mi Vampira

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This January, we’re playing catch-up on a bunch of bands we follow who sneaked out tracks below our radar. Today, we spotted this single from Deceits, ‘Mi Amor, Mi Vampira’.

As we’ve mentioned before, Deceits provide new music firmly rooted in the The Cure’s early-eighties sound. There are few sources of new music in this style these days, not even The Cure write songs like this. That means Deceits are a rare tap hammered into the sweet sweet syrup that flows from the tree of dark tormented Goth rock.

‘Mi Amor, Mi Vampira’ has a quick beat matched by urgent bass. The vocal captures the intensity of the style faithfully – not sounding like Smith, but certainly conveying the atmosphere and emotion the right way. There’s lead guitar throughout the song, varying the mood by switching riffs for different sections. Though the other instruments keep up the pace, these changes totally transform the feel.

Yep. We love us some Deceits and this track is another fine example of their great music.

Mi Amor, Mi Vampira Translations

There are three lines in the song English speakers might need assistance with, one being the title. Let’s tackle them in the order they appear in the song.

The line that closes the first verse, ‘dame la sangre que es tuya’, literally means: ‘Give me the blood that is yours’. The second verse opens with ‘otra noche estoy sin ti’, or ‘another night I am without you’. And it hardly needs translation, but the title of the song, ‘mi amor, mi vampira’ means ‘my love, my vampire’.

Mi Amor, Mi Vampira Video

Watch Deceits – ‘Mi Amor, Mi Vampira’.

Mi Amor, Mi Vampira Lyrics

As I walk home alone tonight
In hopes to see you again as the night falls
How long will I wait this night?
For you I’d always make the time
No matter if you think I’ll die
Ill risk my life for you as the night falls
In blood and sacrifice
Dame la sangre que es tuya

Running circles every evening until dawn
Eternidad con un amor sangrante

Otra noche estoy sin ti
I need to find relief when we’re apart
Once more I’ll wait tonight
For it I’d always make the time
Across the dark I see your eyes
And as they lock I feel it in your heart
In fate we’re intertwined
To live without you is suicide

Running circles every evening until dawn
Eternidad con un amor sangrante

The blood red moon shines down tonight
The perfect hue to approach and bring upon
The bite that leaves the mark
As we grow close our blood pours on
Now I’m complete, revitalized
Love has pierced me with changes undergone
Bask in the moonlight
Mi amor, mi vampira

Mi amor
Mi amor
Mi amor
Mi amor
Mi vampira

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